Crime Thrillers

These are my Frank Vine novels. There are three at the moment with more planned. Frank is a Detective Inspector working in Sheffield. He is, basically, a good and honest man. That is the essential driving force behind my reason for writing the novels in the first place. I wanted to know if it was possible for such a person to thrive in an environment that can be as challenging as many of us know the police force in Britain to be. I’ll leave it for you to decide what the conclusion to that question is.

Each book title is a link to a sample from the novel.

This is the first Frank Vine novel. Prostitutes are being murdered on the streets of Sheffield and it falls to their good friend, Detective Inspector Frank Vine, to find the killer. The link above will take you to the first chapter but be warned, there is some quite challenging description of a murder towards the end of the piece.

The Burning Tree

This is the second Frank Vine novel. It is a tale of arson, bad-parenting, school bullies and the love of good people. Frank’s romantic relationships are settling down and he still has a job. They are the only positive things in his life at the moment. The link above will take you to the first pages of the novel but, as before, be warned, there is some quite explicit violence here.

This is the third Frank Vine novel and takes him to sunny Spain. The story starts in Spain with two amusing characters, Sledge and Zit. However, they are not amusing for very long and, as before, be warned of some explicit language and violence in this first chapter.