Romantic Thrillers

These are novels that I have had great fun in writing. They all share similar qualities in as much as they are true thrillers with serious grown-up problems, but also deal with the emotional trauma that is suffered by the characters. Although I maintain that these are hard-hitting, gritty thrillers, they do have a heart. There is generally a feel-good factor about them and, although I would argue that they are anything but predictable, they do deliver on the satisfaction front.

Click on the titles for a sample of what is there.

This was the first of my Romantic Thrillers to be offered online but is not the first I wrote. It is the story of Steve Lord who goes on a voyage of discovery that has him crossing the most feared family in Sheffield, having his heart broken, being on the run from the police, and a possible case of alien abduction. Not as hard-hitting as the Frank Vine novels, this is a warm yet engaging story of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.

This was the second of my Romantic Thrillers to be offered online and is the story of Max White and Elizabeth. Max is fed up at work and ready for change, but not the change that he is thrown into when his kids suddenly go missing. And then there is his guilty romantic attachment to the beautiful Welsh girl in the office, but, as it turns out, Elizabeth has more than a few secrets of her own.